Monday, January 19, 2009


Nyla loves snapping pictures.
Well, aspiring photographer ya, babe?
Even though my heart always skips a beat whenever that camera is in her hands (fear of her being clumsy!), I try not to show her that I don’t trust her in handling the camera.

Here are few of the many ‘artistic’ shots that she snapped.

The calm waters.

My aunt’s super chubby cat, Belang.

Her ‘acrobatic’ mummy

Another good thing is, Esman and I can definitely depend on Nyla if we want to pose for a picture together.
However, we must be careful not to be too chummy and be all over each other because this photographer comes with emotions attached.

She’ll get jealous big time.

But even so, her parents don’t care and will try to be as close as possible.

And she’ll start warning us- ‘Not too close mommy and daddy.’
She’ll lose focus because of the numerous stern warnings she had to give to her 'models.'.
When this happens, she will also be the artistic director and put our hands away from each other.
And when someone loses focus, it's not surprising that the picture will not turn out perfect.