Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pretend Play

Location: Nyla's room

Her: Mommy, you are Ginger (the neighbour's cat) and I am Nyla.
Me: Ok.
Her: Now, meow.
Me: Meow.
Her: Meow MORE.
Me: Meow.Meow.Meow.Meow.Meow.Meow.Meow.
Her: Here, kitty kitty…Ohhhh…Ginger…You must be hungry… Come on darling. Let's go to the kitchen to get some food.
Me: Meow.
Real me: Ok Nyla. I am back to being your mommy! (standing up)
Her: Down Ginger. (totally ignoring me.)

Location: Kitchen
Nyla gets the koko krunch from the refrigerator and pours some into a bowl.

Nyla: Eat your food, Ginger. Try not to have leftovers ya. (Talking just like her mommy here! Hahaha!)
Me: Meow… (Eating from a bowl on all fours.)

I have a confession to make.
I hate pretend play with Nyla!
She can get really bossy and I must do EXACTLY what she says.
Sometimes in between the acts, I'll try to divert a bit and ask her how her day has been in school.
She saw through this ruse immediately and asked me to cut the (real) act.

This is the one mode of interaction that I'll always try to avoid.
Yes, I am very much aware of the importance of pretend play but I have to give myself a break man!
After all, I read to her, bring her to the playground, go on bus rides, watch plays or movies and play with blocks and play-doh.
Nyla loves pretend play because not a day goes by that she doesn't lobby for me to play masak masak or stuffed toys with her.
I guess I have to respect her need to play with me.
This is definitely an area for improvement for me to work on.

A shoutout to my darling Azam over at Jeddah, we miss you! (and baby Ilham too!)

Azam is the perfect play-mate for Nyla.
When Azam and Nyla meet, it is absolutely magical to see them at play.
They have such powerful imagination and can turn anything within their reach into a prop.
Just the other time, they were playing in the room, pretending to be sea creatures.
When the mommies entered the room, we had a shock when we saw my mother's bras being scattered around on the floor.

Them: Be careful! Those are jellyfish! They might sting!

So innocent and creative, aren't they?
Well, Nyla, from tonight onwards, I'll try be the most enthusiastic pussy (LOL) cat ever!
Wish me luck! Haha!