Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First day of school

for Nyla at Chiltern House for the second year running.
It was lovely to see all the children again, so grown up and tall.
Nyla was very excited when we were on our way to school yakkety yakking about how much she missed her friends.

Nyla merrily removing her shoes and putting them in her cubby hole.

Health checks before entering her classroom.
Most of the kids were 'repeats' from the previous year. I expected none of these kids to cry but kids being kids, a few of them cried. Well actually it was not surprising since they (including Nyla!) didn't attend school during the december holidays. Back to adjusting to the routines and the separation from mommies/nannies all over again, I guess!
And my Nyla, despite being very cheerful initially, followed suit and joined them in the wailing party. Bleah!

I stayed with her in the classroom for about ten minutes and then made my exit as fast as possible assuring my girl that I'll fetch her in the evening.

It was a totally different scene when I fetched her.

She was back to her lively self which was a relief because it meant that she enjoyed herself. Phew!

I just hope that she'll always look forward to going to school this year like she did the previous year. I'm sure she will because her N2 teacher, Teacher Rozita, has such a calm and caring nature- a sure hit with the kids!

Nyla with Teacher Di
( her N1 teacher last year. Also my best friend since secondary school who lives just 5 minutes away from me!)