Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blast from the past

This lass standing beside my brother in law is Nancy.
Nancy Natalia, to be precise.
Beautiful name. (My dear mom, why didn't you give me a sweet name like that?!)
Beautiful person. Inside out.

The moment Mak heard that Nancy would be coming to Singapore, off she and Bapak went to Geylang for a marketing spree.

And boy did Mak cook up a storm! It's been pretty long since we had that big a feast.
All of us had a wonderful time (and bloated tummies) over the weekend.

Nyla was totally smitten by Nancy's charms, though there were a few occasions when Nyla would mistakenly call Nancy "Aunty Netty."

Other than that, Nancy is her newfound instant best friend.

Nan (as Esman affectionately calls her), it's really nice to have you here.
You have put a smile back on the faces of everyone in the family, especially Mak and Bapak.
Boy, now I know why you say your love for her will never have an ending.
She is indeed a rare gem.

Have a safe flight back, babe!