Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just ramblings....

Just feel like doing random ramblings if you don't mind.

Nyla is in Primary 4 right now and she has been coming home with homework. Sometimes light...Sometimes heavy...Sometimes none. (Much to her (and mommy's) joy!
Am not complaining about her bringing back homework though.
Back when I was teaching, I assign homework every day to my Foundation pupils because that is usually the only time they will sit and revise.
To them, study = homework.

You know things just keep on getting tougher in Singapore.
Homework is just not enough.
You need to revise too. Gasp.

With Nyla, it is really minimal revision. Minimal but consistent.
Once she has settled homework, I'll let her rest abit and then we revise a bit.
When I say abit it is really a bit. Like 15-20 mins per subject.
Have been doing this with Nyla since she was in Primary 1 so it works for the both of us.
Just that now, the load is heavier so the 15-20 mins sometimes get stretched. 

Like yesterday,
She brought home 'double digit' multiplication homework.
Mak Ai. She only just grasped 'factors and multiples' and now this.

Then was speaking to Shikin over the phone just now how frustrated I was with Nyla because she hasn't memorised the times table.

Me: Babe. Frustrating seh. Nyla still needs her fingers to skip count! Not like me man. You give me 6X8, I STRAIGHTWAY can give you answer 48! (Siap with kening naik naik all!)

Shikin: BAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAH. Wah kirakan lu pandai ah. Babe, lu how old, she how old? 

Me: Ye tak ye eh babe.

Shikin: Ya la you ah.....Aku sec 1 seh baru master times table.

Me: SEC 1 eh?!!!

Sec 1 to master times table abit too long kan sister???? LOL!

Well anyway, as usual la, I'll just keep to Nyla's pace la. In shaa Allah ok.


Yesterday, I was out during the day and Nyla called me.

Nyla: Mommy ok ok relax, I will do my homework at 4pm but I want to do slime first can?
(Opening line dear hebat kan. Macam wow so responsible!)

Me: Ok.

I reached home at 5pm. Yeah rumah dah macam Science lab with all the slime and Nyla dengan selamba je greeted me, "HI MOMMY! See my slime!"

Me: Homework done?

Dengan lintang pukang member, "OH SH*&! (????!!!!!!)  Ok I do now."

One, am pleased she didn't do a "Later la, mommy."
Two, I hope from yesterday onwards she will keep to her own promise made.
We will see.

Sigh... Dah upload gambar ni macam rindu pulak kan. (Thank you to my client, sis Farhana for the tudung!)
This Nyla can be pretty mischievous sometimes but most times she's a darling.
At night before she goes to sleep, she will ask me, "Mommy you want  me to massage?"
Most times I will take up her offer.

Got one time.

I actually fell asleep while she was massaging me. Yes she's that good.
Sempat mimpi lagi.
Dreamt I was being massaged.
And I asked the therapist in that super short dream, "How long did you take the course?"
I must have talked out loud in my sleep cos Nyla answered, "Mommy! What course?! What are you talking about?"

Then I shared la this funny story to my mom thinking she will laugh too.
But nope.

"You buat budak tu urut sampai terlelap kin!!!! Kesian Nyla. Mesti lama urut. Dengan kali jangan. Kasi dia tidur. Budak tu sekolah pagi."


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