Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Ok I know I haven't blogged for a long time but I am here now so takmo tsk tsk tsk with me k.

First things first, I am still a real estate agent. Just finished assessing myself as a realtor for year 2014. Looking forward to more exciting stuff ahead. Stay tuned. Thanks E for the role of reporting officer and evaluating me.

Also 3 of us have 'renewed contract' to work as a team again this year. Really over 3 years, we have seen one another's bests and worsts. So here's to many more bests! Amin.

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I have never imagined myself to own a hair salon but I guess this has been part of Allah SWT's plan for me and I can never thank HIM enough for this and allowing me to contribute a bit to the Muslimah community. Alhamdullilah.

3rd month in operation and the support has been very overwhelming.
The Pearlistas who have come visit us have been way too kind and generous with their honest reviews. Everytime it just makes us wanna do even better. Thank you ladies for the encouragement. You ladies also rock BIG time. Gerek abis.

Alright, time to settle my property clients' issues now. The to do list is here so that I can work on them like NOW.

1) Translation of payslip required by HDB.
2) Rental unit of a buddy of mine. Heads up to you all first; Blk 466 Segar Road. 5 room. Fully furnished. High Floor. 2k possible. Super nice landlords and am not saying this because she's my gf.
3) Another buddy is also considering to sell her 4 rm unit.
4) Settle with 3 bankers. Ongoing processing of loans for 3 buyers who are going to exercise option soon.
5) Existing listings. Some taking a bit too long to sell my heart is always beating fast when I think of them. (You feel me fellow agents?)

Later still got to fetch Nyla from school some more. My fault la never pay for her school bus so she ain't allowed on the school bus. Lol. Kesian sey kena reject. Hehe. (By the way, Mom, if you're reading this, I paid already so takmo nagging pls.)

"Mak eh dulu tak pernah buat kerja gini. Anak anak punya hal selalu Mak settle cepat cepat."

Ok Mom. I get it.

Babes, it has been a long while and you're here reading my entry. Thank you. I will try my best to keep up with more entries.

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