Monday, November 19, 2012

W for...Workings

Last Friday, Jenn and I have finally confirmed the details for our upcoming Primary One Workshop for parents.

As parents, it is necessary that we are well tuned to what our children are expected to learn and know at various levels of their Primary school lives.
Mummies and daddies, if you have pre-school children, this workshop will also shape your kiddo’s foundation to prepare him/her for P1.
Just as it’s never too late, it’s never too early to start. :)

Many parents have expressed concern over Maths. Yes, Primary 1 Maths is really no joke BUT with consistent effort in teaching (your job) and learning (your child's job) the concepts, sure can one. This, I assure you. 
This coming Saturday, I will also be sharing with you the importance of showing workings. 
Nyla especially loves to 'settle' her sums mentally and sometimes, she would get them wrong. Wasted.
So my job was to develop Nyla's habit of showing all workings clearly from young.
Here are a few examples.

Sorry for making your heads tilt to read the workings.
Early morning neck exercise :p

I really need to develop the habit of showing all working clearly for Nyla and also my tutees as method marks will be awarded in the examinations.
Will explain about these more in detail this Saturday!

 Here are the details of the workshop:

WHAT: Ready Set Go....Blast off to Primary One! [English and Mathematics]
(Really 'blast off' okay, it ain't gonna be a slow and steady journey for your children one.)

WHEN: SATURDAY 1st December 2012

WHERE: Harmony Room 1, (Super near to Braddell MRT Station)

WHAT TIME: 11a.m. to 1p.m.

"INVESTMENT" : $75 (Wanna come alone can. With spouse can. With your 6 year old also can. Whatever it is, fixed at $75.)

Email me at 
I'll be home till 1p.m. to settle email enquiries. So just email away! :)

Those who have already registered, Jenn and I can't wait to see you this Saturday!

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