Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hope today has been a terrific Thursday for all.

The past 2 days, I've been running back and forth to ERA office to settle some admin stuff.
Real estate salespersons reading this, is it normal to be gong-gong with all the documents when you are new?
Anyway, I'm getting the hang of being at Level 7 Hersing Hub.
And when in doubt, just ask lor.

Ok back to revamp-home-for-RAYA-yo mode... Bestnyerrrrrr.
Last Monday, I had a meeting with the Nippon Paint peeps.

I haven't had any paint work done since the day I moved in to my home in 2008.
Not only are the 3 of us getting bored of the current colours, our walls are also in massive need to be painted, no thanks to stains and worse, cracks. :(

So last Monday, the Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services (PPS) checked our wall conditions before painting starts.
I've always thought that painting is purely for 'cosmetic' purposes, as in to make the house look more beautiful but they also offered recommendations to fix my wall defects before painting to achieve the best results.
Awesome stuff.

Extremely grateful to Nippon Paint PPS team. E and I wouldn't be able to transform our home without them. So, busy peeps, for that peace of mind, do consider engaging the PPS Team. Maciam Fairy Godmothers man they all. Your wish is their command!

I am particularly impressed with Nippon's Colour Preview Service (a complimentary add-on by the PPS Team) where they used a professional graphic software to showcase how paint colours can be applied onto digital photographs.
Here is an example.

We chose Colour of the year: LATTE 1114 for our balcony. :)

*All colours shown are as close to the actual Nippon Paint colours as modern printing techniques permit.

If you're thinking of going 'DIY', you can also do this yourself.
Use the Nippon Paint iColour Visualiser!
Snap a picture of your room, then click here.
Happy 'painting' your room with the colours of your choice! Woots!

Home painting starts today for us!

The Nippon Professional Painters covering my furnishings and moving them away to do painting.
They arrived at 9 a.m. on the dot!
Really helpful men too.

Nippon Paint's Project Manager, Alan, working closely with the painters to meet the timeline and achieve the best painting results.

As you can see, my home is in massive mess right now but we are all mad excited.
While the professional painters are doing their thing, Juma and I will be throwing unwanted stuff.
Spring cleaning in progress.

Someone is also too excited she wants to 'ponteng' school.
No way Ho Zay honey.

At first, Nyla chose Allure 8154 and then she made a last minute change.
Nyla: Mommy, can I paint my room this colour? (Shows me a her colour pencil)
Me: Why? I thought you wanted purple?
Nyla: This is my favourite pencil colour. Pls la mommy.
Mr E: Are you sure Nyla?
Nyla: Yes!

So, stay tuned for her room colour.
A colour we both didn't expect at all from her!

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  1. Hi Nura!

    May i know how much does Nippon charge for their guys to paint for us? Hope to hear from you soon! thank you! :)