Thursday, July 26, 2012


Now that the first week of Ramadhan has passed, it's time to 'get up' and work!
By that, I mean, no complaining of being weak or whatsoever.

And by 'work' I mean spring cleaning of our homes.
Honestly, I don't even know where to start. Gasps!

Mr E: Your wardrobe. You are invading my space oi.
Me: Aiya, this one wait la. People when come visiting, they don't spot check our cupboards whaaaaaattttttt.

They will confirm plus chop shake their heads when they see this on the walls.
(Pictures below!)

(Especially areas that have been invaded big time by Nyla.)

Her room.
Dearest Nyla, as much as I know how damn proud you are of your art works, you don't anyhow paste leh your drawings on the wall. See now when we take those beautifullll drawings off the wall, got white spots liao. :(

Our balcony actually needs the most work.
The wall needs to be painted big time.

Somebody ah anyhow park her bicycle leaving marks on the wall one!!!!!

I'm thinking of painting it another colour. As much as white makes the home looks spacious, white is a very scary mary colour. Hard to maintain.
I cannot handcuff Nyla at home right.
So, I really am looking forward to choosing the paint colours!

Still at the topic of balcony...I just posted about it on Facebook actually an hour ago.
My flooring is actually the 'sickest'.
Maciam kena earthquake. :(

My HDB flat is more than 20 years old....Whenever it rains, my balcony will surely be flooded one.
And you know that WATER+ LAMINATED FLOORING= Oh Oh.

See the unsightly gaps. :(

Man, E and I regretted big time.
Thing is we used different brands of laminated flooring for our indoor and outdoor.

This is our indoor one.

Pretty right?
Not only that, 3 years on and it still feels and looks brand new.
Sharing is caring so here is the brand of the flooring: Kronotex

Anyway, both of us are now exploring our options.
Either we opt for
2) outdoor wood that can stand the test of water
3) we go for the rough surfaced good ol tiles.

This weekend, we are going to do abit of shopping.

Nyla: Mommy ask that dancing guy in white jacket to help la.

That advert on Suria I tell you.....

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