Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My first EXCLUSIVE sale!

Oh how I miss sitting in front of the laptop and just type away here.
Nyla went to school early today as she had volleyball practice (ye ye orh la dia tu) and I didn't have to send her because E also wanted to leave for work around the same time. So yeay.

What's my story so far?
The usual.
I still conduct tuition during the weekend.
However I will not be accepting new tutees this year. Sorry Sorry Strawberry. :(

And now that I am occupied with my real estate career, my mom is taking her well deserved break from the sewing. Great timing since she also has plenty of studying to do. She did very well for her recent exams.

Ain't a surprise because she has been really studying hard.
That plus the fact that she's doing her diploma with my aunty so it's very fun for her.

As for real estate, man it has been a very interesting journey filled with highs and lows.
One moment you're so happy because you're about to close a deal...and then WHAM BAM, hopes dashed just like that and you feel like crap.

And when I am feeling down it's the mother I turn to straightaway.
"MAAAAAAAAAA! &*&%#^$#**&%#@^@!"

And Mothers always says the right things.
"No matter how hard you try, if you're not fated to have something, you won't. You can never fight fate." (Of course she said this in Malay la. I translate for you)

And usually, after every storm, the rainbow will appear.
The past 2 weeks, I have closed the chapters for Yishun....Strathmore...and West Coast (remember I was looking for a unit to house some marine workers a week ago, I managed to get a unit! This one gotta thank Papa J for the lead. His friend owns the marine company.)
All praises to Allah!
Anyway we still need to look for more available units for rent in the West area, so if you have any, let me know!

Unfortunately, Nyla was very sad whenever I closed a deal.
This girl usually tags along for my viewing so she has sort of 'bonded' with the places.

"Mommy, I will miss the lovebirds at Sengkang.."

"Mommy, I will miss the roti prata at Yishun..."

"Mommy I will miss the playground at Strathmore..."

Emo la this girl.

Just as I was getting the hang of doing rentals, I received a call from my JJC schoolmate whose family would like to engage me as her salesperson with regards to selling her 4rm HDB flat. So yeap, moving out of my comfort zone yet again.
Here it is peeps!
My first ever exclusive sale.

And as usual, I'll loudhail to my close real estate agent friends about the listings I have secured. Never mind that we are not from the same agency.

And I get especially excited when I see possible matches like this one below. A bonus that the agent was my RIA coursemate! Very funny and down to earth chap.

Yeap, Alvin and I have a 'date' later in the evening.
If we manage to close the deal later, HURRAH but should we not, one thing's for sure, just keep trying lor!
The harder we work, the luckier we get.

Have a terrific Tuesday ya all! :)

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  1. Hi kak nura.can i have ur email add or hp no for housing matter?can u guide me along.?thanks
    Nabilah huda.