Thursday, July 12, 2012

My brother's pearls of wisdom

So, I promise to do everything possible to provide my clients with a solution that will meet their needs.
In other words, I must be competent and constantly keep abreast of changing conditions in the real estate industry.

And then, I remember my brother's pearls of wisdom...
"Kin, when you teach, you teach your kids from your heart right?
Same thing here. Your clients don't care what you know UNTIL they know that you actually care."

These words I will always hold close to my heart.

If you're wondering which brother dispensed the advice, it's the one on the left. My Bah.

Ok I'll take that back cos the one on the right will be bringing Nyla out for dinner since I have viewing later in the evening.
Peace, Jambi! :p

I will be around Bukit Panjang later.
If you are a resident there and thinking of renting or selling your property, do call me at 97248866 for FREE non-obligatory consultation k!

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