Monday, December 12, 2011

Nyla 'bonding' with Number Bonds

One of the most fun and inexpensive types of manipulatives we can use to teach Maths concepts to our children is sweets.
I personally feel there is an instant fascination for them to play with (actually, they are learning lor!) sweets.
That plus the fact that they are most certainly allowed to eat their Maths manipulatives after the lesson. Hehehe.

Now that Nyla is entering Primary 1 next year, it is time we both get serious and consistent every morning for about 1 hour.
So last Friday, before she woke up, I had an idea on how to teach the concept of number bonds in a fun way and Nyla totally got it!

And like all kids, Nyla enjoys role playing. So here's a video of her 'teaching' me Number Bonds!

Don't worry...Nyla didn't eat all the sweets. Hee. Satu je dia ngap.

I am now only replying to the emails sent over the weekend.
Saturday was spent looking after my nephew, Rooqy, who kept us all busy!

By the way ladies, I am very inspired by the top I am wearing.
Insyallah, my mother and I will tag team and come up with DUAL-TONE ponchos.
Think black and red....etc. :)
Very excited just thinking about it! So do watch this space while we do abit of experimenting with contrasting colours.

Yesterday we attended 3 jemputans so the laptop had a very good rest!

And for those of you who emailed me regarding the upcoming Maths workshop, I am replying now okay babesies! :)
If you happen to just only stumble upon this blog and would like to know more about the Maths workshop which is absolutely suitable for parents whose kids are 4 to 8 years old, do email me at


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