Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Ponchogas

Remember the Toga Top my mom sewed as a birthday gift?

While I was folding these toga tops into my bag for the photoshoot, Nyla made a passing remark.

'This one is half toga-half poncho.'

Teachable moment here so, I switched on the laptop and introduced her to the world of 'cross breed' animals since she really loves animals.
In fact I have already signed her up for the Zoo Explorer Camp.
Click on the link if you want to check it out mommies and daddies.

We had a good time coming up with Nyla's imaginary hybrid animals.

And for the fun of it, we went to the 'Name Masher' website to come up with the name of this toga top.

POGA la.....TOPO la...TOPONCH la... TOONCHO la..TOGO la...
So funny cannot make it one lor the above names.

And then we pronounced P.O.N.C.H.O.G.A out loud....BINGO.
We like how Ponchoga sounds. :)

So my ladies, together, my mom, Nyla and I would like to present to you babesies our Toga Tops, The Ponchogas.

Nyla has also renamed the colours for this edition. Think fruits and vegetables.
Gasak kau la nak
Healthy lifestyle by the way baby!

'Kiwi' Ponchoga

'Blueberry' Ponchoga

'Cauliflower' Ponchoga

'Corn' Ponchoga

'Tomato' Ponchoga

And like always, I'd like to show my hijab-ers that they too can wear the ponchogas. :)

'Rambutan' Ponchoga

We also have printed ponchogas.
Nad and Hajar totally rocking my ponchogas. :) Mwaaah!


Black Polka Dots

Tight Hugs also to Norra for modelling these toga tops to help me reach out to my 'big and beautiful' potential customers. :)

'Banana' Ponchoga

Vanilla Cream Polka Dots

Grey Polka Dots

The Ponchogas fit S-L.
Material: Lycra.

How much?

$50 for plain ones
$55 for printed ones

You know what to do ya?
Just email me at nuraesman@gmail.com

And a HUGE Thank you to all involved!

My sista Tina for putting all of us together for the shoot.
Nadzyrah Pillow Norra Mohamed Hajar Goh Azharrudin Abdull Aziz Ramlie Abdullah Razali Mohamad Said and Azmi Wednesday.

Feel free to add them over at Facebook and see their photo albums! :)


  1. Hi Kak Nura, I'm a silent avid reader and can't help but to comment this time round! Just wanted to share this website that my pupils simply love and I hope Nyla will too. Hop over to http://www.switchzoo.com/
    Regards, Nura (yes I'm a fellow Nura too (; )

  2. hi.. you should consider making colorblock toga tops.. it wud be even more attractive and unique.. just a suggestion :)