Thursday, September 29, 2011

For my PSixers

As with previous years, my tutees will just camp out at my place for half a day during the PSLE days.
Since their parents are working and they have no remedial lessons in school, they come to my place to do last minute revision with my guidance and supervision.
I am very fortunate because their parents are all very sweet too.

A parent has been sponsoring food the past 2 days.
Mdm Ifa, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ms Idayu, thank you for driving one of my tutees home. Not only did he save money on his EZ link card... Because of you, his energy was reserved for the next day's paper.
Mdm Maria, thank you for supporting my 'clothing line.' Hehehe!
Mdm Shireen, I thank you for the wonderful T&C gift. ;)

Anyway, the New Paper New Face Contestants' Profile arrived yesterday.
During their break, for the fun of it, I actually asked my tutees' opinions. Haha! Kids are very honest so I just want to hear their comments.
My mentel girls were more than pleased to give their opinions.
The boys got super shy and looked away...BUT I caught them looking at the babes! Cheh!
All 20 girls are too stunning to be missed...right boys?!

Here, I would like to express my gratitude to my niece, Shofiyah.
She is my 'super-sub' tutor for the 2nd year running.
Usually after the prelims, I will have a few at-risk tutees and like a super tutor, Shofi will step in to help these children by giving extra lessons.
I appreciate this very much Shof. Mwaaah.

As I waved goodbye to my Primary Sixers today, I felt sad. :(
A few of the girls cried when they kissed my hand.
My eyes were brimming with tears too when I asked them for forgiveness for the times I made them feel small. (because I know they can do better.)
Flashback of me screaming at them.... counselling them....consoling them.....laughing at/with them.

As I look at my study table which is filled with stacks of Primary 6 exam papers and assessment books, I felt relieved that my work is done.
However at the same time, I felt sad that it is over.
My home suddenly feels like an empty playground.
This year's Primary 6 batch is just an awesome bunch.
They may be weak academically but they are definitely very hardworking.

I came across my buddy, Nurul's Facebook Status Update. She is a teacher I admire very much too. Very loving...very patient. Her pupils adore her very much.

Here goes:
Like a mother bird, I let my pupils fly free at 1 p.m. today. Have prepared them to fly since last year. It is time to let go.
WAILS! :( So touching one.

Tomorrow is the subject my kids fear most: Mathematics.

In my personal opinion, Singapore really needs to change her education system.
I feel it is vicious on these lower ability children.
Get a 'U grade for 1 subject..that's it....wear back your primary school uniform and REPEAT.
12 year olds should never be made to feel this kind of stress.... and embarrassment man.
Furthermore I have taught Secondary 1 Normal Technical before and the stuff that they learn are more or less the same as Primary 6's syllabus anyway.
So might as well promote all of them to secondary school.
Sigh...I can go on and on but yeah, doubt this say of mine gonna make a difference anyway.

Having taught these unpolished gems, I really believe that results is not everything.
To me, positive attitude goes a long way and I am very proud of each and everyone of them for trying their very best to just keep improving in their subjects.

My Daily 10 kids.... My tutees: Fatini, Heong Luck, Shairah, Hirfan, Rusyaidi, Aedil, Adrianna, Nirrahim, Haziq, Irdina, Airah, Irfan, Khizryn, Azzim, Aliff, Hanis, Jonathan, Naufal, Putri, Jamilah, Rushaidi and Liza.

I dedicate this song to each and every one of you. :)


  1. Hi Nura,
    May i ask the permission to re-quote yr friends quote to share with my fellow colleagues teaching class of 2011?
    As much as we love & worry for these batch of p6s, yr friend's's time we really let them go & be confident that they have learnt & remember all that we've taught them.

  2. Hi Nura,
    May i get yr permission to re-quote yr friend's quote to be shared with my fellow colleagues teaching class of 2011?

  3. Hi you. Nurul is a kind person. Am sure she won't mind but let's wait k. She is Invigilating. I'll SMS her after her duty. Thank you 4 asking 4 permission by the way! ;)

  4. Hi ya... Feel free. All the best to your pupils :)

  5. Thank you, babes :)