Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey ho!
Remember the SPLASH CART entry I did about a week ago?
If you have missed out on that, do click here!

Well, the SPLASH CART team would like to say HUGE THANKS for the overwhelming support, peeps!
Thank you also to those who came to the National Family Carnival! Not only did you came to support the event, you all totally wiped out the booth!

In fact, the Splash Cart team emailed me loads of pics I sooooo must share with my readers because many of the pics are really very cute one.

Cute babes... Happy matching those watches with your outfits girlies.

Awww. This cutie pie looking so sweet in her pink polka dot dress and her matching pink slap on watch!

Yeah Handsome boy! Blue FTW!

Still baby buchuk can tell time already. Looking real smart there. National Day coming, must wear your red watch okay baby!

Mr E: Sedap seh if dapat slap on the watches on his tough hands.
Yeah man. Adik angkat weights ke? Tooooooo cute la.

Ok... I am sure you all know that these colourful watches are selling at JUST $5 each.

If you think Splash Cart has got only these watches in their cart, uh uh you're wrong. They also happen to have super duper cool bendable pens.
ONLY $2 each!!!!

Children's Day is just 2 months away.
So attention all educators!

There is a Children's Day Promo going on! (last order and payment to be made on 1 September)

For teachers who would like to purchase the watches for your beloved pupils, Splash Cart is kindly giving a 10% discount. Woots!

Do proceed to their blog and email them at :)

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