Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So I came across this particular shirt at Tanjung Pinang which says "Friends are like bras.
Close to your heart and always there to support" Yeap, bought that $5 T shirt right away!

And then I saw this online: Bad friends are like G strings. Good to see. Fun to have but can be a pain in the arse sometimes.
Funny or what!

Other than family and work, I've been spending alot of time with my friends during my free time.
Come let me present you my incredible bras!
I shall label them according to the many brands of bra la ah.

My ex colleagues who are like my sisters and are fantastic secret keepers.
So it is only apt I name them my Victorias.
About 2 weeks ago, one of my Victoria angels, Nad gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sofia.

Ray, Nurul and I got reaaalllllyl excited and visited her at the hospital on the night itself.

By the way, I am wearing the "Friends are like bras..." Tshirt here!

We say "Hello" to our baby girl Sofia and her reply?
"Peace yo aunties!"
Look at those cute lil fingers.

Our Nad is a little overwhelmed with Sofia's arrival and new motherhood's not treating her that good.

Let me share with you our SMS exchange.

Old Mommy Me: Hi new mommy. Heard from Nurul you are abit overwhelmed. I was too, Nad. But one thing I can assure you is that it gets BETTER with time. New motherhood is tough. :( Sleep the moment Sofia sleeps. Don't be too hard on yourself. Hugs.

New Mommy Nad: Babe...Thanks for the comforting and reassuring words...I'll be honest k...I dunno what to say now, except for cry...But I know we'll laugh about this in time to come...:(

New mommies out there, am sure you feel Nad right? You're not alone Nad!

And then I have here my Triumph, Vivi.
I know her through Twitter.
First time we met was some few months ago.
Not only did we click.

Our kiddos also clicked right away.
Nyla adores Shiqah and Miqa.
Everytime they have to part, they will sulk and whine for time extensions and sleepovers!
They give one another impromptu hugs and kisses your hearts can just melt at the love they have for one another. Too too sweet.

Next up my La Senzas because simply put, they are sexay bebehs!
Friendship with Hanin for 9 years already, still going strong.

My 'very in your face will never backstab her friends' kinda girl.
If she likes you, you damn lucky.
If she doesnt, you better run far far away. (While you at it, better wear sports bra.)

Not only did she introduce me to awesome movies, good food (The ayam panggang at Lucky Plaza is da bomb man!), she loves to share her friends as well!

With my La Senzas Zi and Hanin.

Last but not least, my Sorellas. (First Bra Brand I was introduced to by Mom when I was growing boobies.)

My BFF Diana is back from Norway and when she's back, usually our "Freaky Friday" gang will do meetups to welcome her back.

I am really so happy to have Diana back here, no words can actually describe my happiness.

Most of my bras mentioned are either very busy working or stay too far away.

When she left to join her hubby in Norway, my hati berkecai beb.

My Sorella here is not working and she stays just across the road!

So now that she's back in my arms, we've been meeting up loads.

The moment her babies nap and Nyla leaves for school, we'd go for a quick lunch and a dessert.

That's Di's absolutely adorable nak mampz baby Sofia.
Nyla and Mr E also very the geramz with this child.

Because we stay soooo close to each other, I've been going over to her place aplenty lately.
We order food...chit chat.....laugh.....and listen to Di's bro in law, Farrid the horror story teller do his real ghost stories.

Di snapped a pic of scaredy cat me holding on tight to Hudah's hand. Wahlao, I really got so frightened I had to have them escort me home hor! Scary mary!

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