Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Excluzif Printed Minis

During Chinese New Year, the Chinese here usually bring two mandarin oranges when visiting relatives or friends. The host will then give back two new oranges....

Now.... I also have a pair of NEW PRINTED togas I would like to introduce you all to.
These new togas have been sitting in my wardrobe for quite some time already because I just do not have the time to launch them now that school has reopened. With my hectic tuition schedule (5 days teaching week, just like ol times , only way better!), I really have no idea when I'd be able to slot in a photoshoot.

However, the supply is depleting thanks to my friends and loyal customers who grabbed these printed beauties when they collected their plain toga dresses at my home.

So before these mini togas become sold out, I thought I'd show my wonderful readers how my printed minis look like. :)
Don't mind the quality of the picture hor. Left my digicam at my mom's and yeah, I used my most beloved IPhone camera.
If you must know 1 fact about me, I hate to procrastrinate and besides, I have very limited stock for this pair babes.

Just like mua, you too can wear black stockings and heels and off you go to the dinner party.
V day also coming leh.

Or be casual and wear the toga with a pair of wedges, shown below.

The Excluzif Printed Mini Toga
Size: Free (Fits S to L)
Cost: $65
Email me at bebehs!
I'll just be honest here ok because honesty is the best policy.
I only have 7 pieces left.
4 "Morning Night" Blue Printed mini toga dresses.
3 "Colourful Deepavali" Cream mini toga dresses.
Again, thank you Nyla for naming them.

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