Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sibling Love

A nong nong time ago it was either:

Me VS Bah (The elder brother who is way smarter than I am)
Me VS Nizam aka Jambi. (The younger brother who thinks he is way smarter than I am)

I was, without a doubt, their common enemy.
And everytime they bullied me, I'd run to my ol man (below left) and he'd give them a good shelling.

Like Father like son sia sleep with mouths open.
Actually I'm guilty of this too. Only mine got additional 'eyes half closed' Nyehehehe!

The perks of being the only girl!

Hahaha! Hihihi! Hohoho! Huhuhu!
(Don't mind me k. Ever since the bangs I have become a full fledged camera whore.
It has been 2 days and I am happy to announce that this narcissistic phase is over. Jelak already. So Mr E, you can now stop shaking your head and heave a sigh of relief.)

Yes, we fought and will surely have fights.
But all is good now that we are all adults.
Sort of.

We have our Aww moments.
Like this one.
Nyla and Rooqs are currently under the weather.
Nyla with mild UTI and Rooqs, chicky pox.

And then we also have the not- so- aww- aka- feel- like- doing -a -Yakkkk -Dush moments.
Like this one.

Either no reply or give a "no" as a reply.
Akshen sey. Debik kang?!

Nevertheless, I am very thankful for these two guys as my siblings.
I haven't seen them for more than a week so I am missing them a great deal.
See you both at the parents' crib next week.

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