Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She Bangs!

I blame deciding to slice my bangs on Anne Hathaway.
She damn pretty on "The Devil Wears Prada.
Anne totally rocked the thick, straight bangs lor.

Now, if you all must know, yours truly here have a phobia of bangs actually, no thanks to a horrible experience many years ago.
I remembered showing this hairdresser (nyonya bawah blok) a picture of Penelope Cruz with bangs.
Well I assumed that anyone in the hairdressing industry can cut fringe mah.
No need to be extraordinarily skilled one la.
Last time when I was a kiddo, my mom also cut my fringe what.
Boy was I friggin' wrong for it turned out to be a MAJOR disaster.
I am not kidding hokay.
You don't believe me?
Nah, I show you.

Had enough of laughing your eyes out?
Damn I look si bei slap-pable can?!
Jambu la tu, fringe macam lalang.
So bad right?
Mr E a.k.a big time PINOCCHIO said I looked alright.
Alright ke babai.
So many many years passed .....until yesterday.
I had an overwhelming urge to do something different to my hair.
I don't know about you ladies but for me, if that urge comes, I die die MUST cut NOW NOW NOW.

And obviously I had a case of bangs amnesia.
I wanted to take a fringe plunge. again.
I knew I had to have a reallllllyyyyy extraordinary hairstylist do this job for me.

That one person is none other than Abang Sam who is super duper G.O.O.D!
Abang Sam is a hairstylist for Local, Foreign Celebrities and Royal Families yo.
Portfolio baik punya.
He totally transformed me la!

Before you vainpots bombard my email to ask where is his salon (which 6 already did after I twitpic-ed), I better give you all the information I have now. Thanks for all the compliments by the way! Kembangz sesangat! :)
Sharing is caring so here goes!

Abang Sam Unoss
Flair Salon, Novena Square 2
To book an appointment, call 6737 8095
And do remember to mention my name NURA J hor!
You might just get 10% off your haircut done by Tuan Director Sam.

I am totally loving the bangs too people!
Never mind that pimples will pop up like mushrooms on the forehead.
When I left the salon, I couldn't stop looking at my reflection in every reflective material man:
mirrors, car windows, my Iphone screen and even my laptop screen sia!
Maklomlah new look.

Abang Sam even told me that I will look okay even if I tie up my hair.
He's right!
Mr E gives the thumbs up too. Saaaap!

The only person who doesn't really fancy my bangs was Nyla who gasped and then said out loud for all to hear when I fetched her from school yesterday, "Mommy what happened to your hair?"
Yeah, I was embarassed alright but what the heck, hidop mesti confident! Hehehe!
The babe just needed a little getting used to.
This morning, I went to the clinic because I observed that Nyla was frequently peeing the past 2 days.
Turned out to be a mild infection. :(
When the doctor passed her the cup to pee, she couldn't so we had to kill time and wait till someone feels the urge to pee.
Apparently, someone had another urge. Yeap, same urge the mommy had yesterday.
You guessed it.
Nyla had a haircut while waiting for her bladder to be full.

Yesterday she said 'not nice!', then today, look like my carbon copy.
Copycat kiss the rat, go home let your mudder slap!
And yeah, she too loves her bangs!


  1. both of u look damn chio with bangs la!

  2. Thanks Jody! Hope you r well. Feeling festive already? :)

  3. And she's looking just. like. you.
    Mummy's girl ;)


  4. Hi Lyn!
    You think so? She used to look so much like Mr E when she was younger tho.
    So many used to say eh 'Macam bapak dia abis"
    You sure put a smile on my face babe. :)

  5. D more i c her d more prettiest she me laa pretty mah..wahahaha..joking laa..pretty as u laa mei mei..ehehe..superjiran

  6. lepak can??? lol!!! mcm lalang... hahaha!!

    recently also i tebas my fringe n because i rebonded my fringe sumpah look like penyapu.... wished u hads blogged this sooner! ;) lookin great!


  7. been loving straight bangs for a while. only setback, needs frequent trims. you wear yours damn well.