Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Asian Children's Festival 2011

We 'attacked' Sengkang Library last Sunday.
It was very nice to see the activity room filled with children and their parents, all smiling and excited to hear us read aloud our "The Big Good Wolf."

Unfortunately, Haryani couldn't be with us because she had filming duties.
We missed you babesy!

Fret not, because I roped in my partner, Jenn, a highly energetic individual who could impart her amazing Art and Crafts skills to the kids.

Before we revealed the story of "The Big Good Wolf" to the children, Jenn read aloud "The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs" just to give a different perception of wolves to the children.

And then, it's "The Big Good Wolf" Time baby!

5 year old Nyla is already an experienced storyteller thanks to her experiences at Jurong Regional Library, Bedok Library, Woodlands Regional Library and I must say that through lots of practice, one just keeps getting better.
Real proud of this babe.

Art Activity time.
Jenn, the Art instructor for that day taught the children "Bookorigami" where the kids transformed their paper into a mini book. :)

As majority of the children present were preschoolers, they became authors/illustrators for their own picture book.
We told them to write their names on the front 'cover' and then to draw 'yourself', 'your favourite fruit', 'your favourite toy' on the rest of the pages followed by 'The End' on the very last page. :)

k you to all who came!
I also met a few familiar faces like Ariff/Aida and their families, Rini/Hubby and her boys, Is and Shad, Vi, Shiqa and Miqa!
Thrilled to see them indeed.

Anyway, Haryani, although you were not around, the song you composed for us sure lives on! Heheheh!
"The Big Good
Wolf" theme song was a hit la dey!

And the babe has been singing this song every time.
Very obsessed one.
She keeps writing the lyrics...

She sings your song in the shower (and makes sure the mommy sings with her too)
She sings your song before bedtime.
Dont believe?
Nah See!

So glad to be part of the Asian Children's Festival 2011!
We hope to participate next year too with our new book.
Stay tuned for this one.

And yeah when that happens, Daddy E will have to participate in the read aloud as well because we need a male voice. :) Heee!

Nyla has also updated her blog.
There is another video in her entry.
She choped that video first.
Click here


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