Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Waxing and Eyebrow Shaping at Harnies Beauty

Made the babe tag along to Harnies Beauty last week for my waxing appointment, much to her delight.
She was going on and on telling me how fickle I am because "sometimes you shave...sometimes you wax..." which gave me the opportunity to tell her the difference between shaving and waxing.

How shaving will always leave my poor legs with itchy red dots. Damn those razor bumps.
How hair will instantly grow within an hour after shaving and my legs will feel like a cactus a few days later.
So sharp one...

How waxing is probably the longest lasting temporary hair removal method.
How waxing not only pulls out the hairs from the roots but at the same time, removes dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth.

So while waiting for the temperature of the wax to be' just nice' kind of hot, me and my mini BFF snapped photos.

Aiya..upside down pulak!

Lerrrr. Blurred pulak!

Nyla, you look good here. I look like Daisy Duck.

Then it's waxing time! Wooots!

I've kept those leg hairs for 2 weeks and God knows how unwanted those hairs were lor.
Hair needs to be long-ish before a waxing procedure mah.
Say the ideal length would be: half of your thumbnail....NOT half of your thumb k.

If you keep your hair that long, don't blame your partner for leaving you. Heeeee!

A cloth is pressed on top and ripped off with a rapid movement in the direction of hair growth.
Bye Bye unwanted hair!

My thighs are not hairy so I opted for the half leg waxing.

Half leg waxing at Harnies Beauty costs $40.

Iza also shaped my eyebrows that day! Thanks babe!

Awesome shot Nyla! Tak sia sia bawak dia...

Eyebrow grooming at Harnies Beauty costs $10.

Anyway, are you AND your bestie/sister/mom/aunty/grandma keen on the Exclusive Hari Raya Haji promotion?
It is supposed to end tomorrow but due to EXTREMELY popular demand, Harnie decided to extend the promotion to 15 December!

Kapoh-ed this Berita Harian ad from Harnie's facebook! Heee!
Interested in waxing, massage, facial or the above promotion, click HERE or call 6392 0623.
Go and pamper yourselves my ladies.