Friday, November 26, 2010

The EXCLUZIF dresses

Lustmonday is launching their new arrivals very soon ladies.....
Loved every outfit I modelled yesterday during the photoshoot.

Especially love this.
I'm so gonna wear this for later's event at Park Royal.
Thanks sweet Boss!

Let me also introduce to you Lustmonday's orang kuat.
Coincidentally, both their names begin with 'L'.

With Lynn, Lustmonday's make up artiste.
She is truly a wonderful friend who always pampers those close to her heart.
I am very fortunate indeed.

With Lawrence, Lustmonday's photographer. Thank you for snapping my Toga shots. Appreciate it.
Forever smiling and he is welcoming his daughter soon! Congrats bro. :)

I also took the opportunity to model my EXCLUZIF togas......
It's been about a month and I hereby announce that:


4 new colours ladies.

"Vanilla Ice Cream" Mini Toga

"Strawberry Milkshake" Mini Toga
(Lynn Maharet! This one's on the way baby!)

"Ocean" Mini Toga
(Joy, you want? winks!)
Another colour just came in and Nyla got a little too excited because she got reminded of Nutella.
Yeap you guessed it.
"Nutella Brown" shall be the code. Heeee.

And how can I not bring back my two BESTSELLING colours:

"Rose Maroon" Mini Toga

"Midnight Navy Blue" Mini Toga

A MINI TOGA COSTS $50 per piece and fits S to L, my ladies.

Presently, I have ready stock of 2 Toga maxi dresses.

1 is "Strawberry Milkshake" Maxi Toga.

and the other, "Canary Yellow" Maxi Toga

A MAXI TOGA DRESS COSTS $75 per piece and fits S-L.

I've always enjoyed my conversations with Papa J, a successful businessman who has been in the shipping business for more than 30 years. Till today, the shipping company he founded is still going on strong. I love the way he thinks and I especially admire his fearless nature.

"Kin, when you do business, you need to diversify. You need to explore new areas of business."

Explored I did, dad. Thank you for your words of wisdom.
Besides we heard this phrase :'change is the only constant' so many times.

So let's all give a warm welcome to a new range of EXCLUZIF dresses: Evening wear.
I have engaged a very talented seamstress for this and Faridah is also terrific!

Nyla mentioned this: "Oh I know! Your dresses all start from the letter T!
T for togas...T for turtlenecks...."
Cool observation there babe.

Without further ado, I present you THREE reaalllllllllllly "EXCLUZIF" evening wear kind of dresses.
I am only selling 1 of each design.
Rest assured you'll be the only LONE RANGER wearing it. This I promise.

The dresses below fit S/M my ladies.

My hijab wearing ladies will like this. Winks!
This classic- looking tangerine dress costs $189.

This elegant black and gold dress is my personal favourite.
It costs $180.

Cream and gold dress here is also very pretty.
Also selling at $180.

That plus BONUS is also coming in. WOOOOTTTTS!
You know what to do dearies! Shop awayyyyyyy. Heeee.

Just email me at if you are interested to purchase the mini togas and the evening wear.
MWACCKS and I thank all of you in advance for the support.
HUGS and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.