Saturday, November 6, 2010

Miss Spelling/Misspelling

Nyla is currently ‘into’ sentence construction, thanks to her weekly homework.
Every week, she is given a worksheet with 3 words and Nyla needs to form sentences on her own.

1) kind
I love momi bcos she is kaind.

(I love Mommy because she is kind.)

I meet my dadi at Vivo Siti. -(hmmm cam tau je bapak dia minat Siti Nurhaliza..)
(I meet my daddy at Vivo City.)

Mr E and I always look forward to observing her at work because seeing our girl use the phonetic sounds to form her words independently is sucha cute sight!
Even my dad wants to join in the fun. Hehhe!
We’ve been advised by her Teacher Geetha to take a step back and let Nyla construct and write her sentences independently.
“If there are spelling mistakes, it is okay. We just want them to have the practice of working independently and having the habit to try writing sentences.”

Well the babe is surely practising and definitely taking pride in her (miss)spelling endeavours.
Mr E and I are really enjoying ourselves at this phase so we snapped pictures (and video) of her works!

Check out Sentence 5.
I love my on.
(I love my own.)
Luckily, not “I love Ju-on” Heee!
So lame hor me.
Nyla, glad to know you love yourself sweetheart!

Lately, Nyla has been pestering Mr E and I for pet rabbits.
Yes, more than one!
And we finally understood why she wants to buy at least 2 rabbits.

Nuting can bialon
(Nothing an be alone.)

Haryani O, Congrats for being able to work her sentence out.
Famy and Azzah, you’ve been eliminated. Goodbye.

Moving on to Nyla’s (miss)spelling adventures!
She wrote so many words on the whiteboard.

Mr E and I could make out nearly all except AROBA PIP.
WTH is thaaaattttttt?!
We took a good 10 minutes to try and work that out and obviously, Teacher Nyla was losing her patience, shaking her head.
Eventually we gave up and begged her to tell us what “AROBA PIP” actually is.
Here’s her explanation:

And my ultimate favourite episode of Nyla's misspelling journey?

Well, lately she's enthralled by the name, "Giselle". No, not inspired by the Bundchen hottie but a character in a particular book she read.
So obviously I asked her to spell out her new name.
Confidently, she wrote G-E-S-E-L.
*My non malay readers, Gesel means 'To rub against'.
Gesel sama dia la! Hahahhahahaha!
Nyla, really, thank you for all these entertaining priceless and precious moments dear!

Anyway, speaking of stories...
Nyla's Uncle Furby is 90% done with the illustrations of Nyla's second book.
Just like 'The Big Good Wolf', it's going to be a hit among the children with the beautiful story (got morale of the story somemore!) and awesome illustrations! So really, stay tuned for this peeps!
Meanwhile, it's only Saturday so enjoy the weekend darlingsss.