Monday, October 4, 2010


I've been tagged by my JJC mate, Nadia Haniff.

1. If you were an ice cream flavour… what would you be?
Wahlao Naddy. First question already make me angry liao. Just recently, I found out that I am lactose intolerant so eating any dairy products like ice cream can cause me to experience nausea, flatulence and trips to toilet. How depressing. It's goodbye cheesecake....goodbye ice cream...goodbye cream pastas. So people, besides exercise, I must not forget to thank lactose intolerance for keeping in shape. -___-
Wo pu yao answer this qn. Next!

Ooooiiii...sedap nak? O man!I'm already missing Baskin Robbins! :(

2. Why did you start blogging?
At first, it was to just pass time and share expriences...ok la, plus I'm slightly obsessive. :p
Anyway, thanks to blogging, I've met really fantastic people. :)

3. If I came over to your house for breakfast… what would you cook for me?

Are you a heavy breakfast kind of person?
Well, I'll make sure Nyla has her tummy filled in the morning. Usually, she'd have milk and cereal/peanut butter and jam/sausage sandwich and fruits. Her daddy on the other hand is satisfied with coffee. (Thank you God!) For you, I'd probably do baked beans on toast with sausages? Yumsy enough, pal? Or you want nasi lemak? You name it I cook it! With Zarina's Home Cooking book, anything is possible!

4. What’s your best holiday memory?

With kid friendly accommodation, activities and attractions, got to be Gold Coast man!

Bumped into Nyla's classmate/bf, Shaun!

Nyla and I queueing for such a thrilling ride. :p

Thrilling right D?!

5. Do you believe that you’re a typical Scorpion?Why so/why not?
I'm not into zodiac stuff and all but for the fun of it, I did abit of 'research' on my zodiac sign, Scorpio. Interesting.

"Scorpios are fiercely independent. They are able to accomplish anything they put their mind to and they will not give up." -I like this and I hope I will always continue to make my wildest dreams a reality.

"Usual for Scorpios to be jealous." Hahaha! This I must share! You see, this Mr E ah used to be pretty crazy over Siti Nurhaliza. Don't laugh ah .....but I used to blow my top whenever I caught him playing Siti Nurhaliza's songs in the car. Siao right me. Funny because I'm cool with ex-es and all but not Siti Nurhaliza. Probably because she was like THE pompuan Melayu terakhir mah when she was at her peak.
"Scorpios can be downright moody for no apparent reason. -Unfortunately, I'm like that. :( So friends and my other half, sorry for this ya. :(

"When angry, Scorpios will thrash and throw things". -Nope. This one is not true at all!

6. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen/read on the web over the last 24 hours?
The recent passing of the late Mrs LKY. Truly a dynamic woman in every sense of the word. She inspires me to be a better wife.
Mr E, you need help with the lesson planning tonight? :p
You sure you ok with just coffee in the mornings? :pppppp

7. If you could learn one dance style, what would it be?
Ballet. To improve posture and flexibility. Whenever I do stretching exercises, I can't reach my toes. The harder I tried bouncing down to reach my toes, the further my fingers are from the toes. Sad sight I tell you.
Sit and Reach cost me my gold during the schooldays! The only time I got gold was when a friend gently pushed me from behind (Yes, teacher was not around!) so I could push that wooden thingy further. I forgot who was that kind soul. If you happen to be reading this, thank you heaps! Heee!

8. Where do you go and what do you do to unwind after a crappy day of work?
Ever since The Bottoms Up Club, the tailoring Toga business with Mom and co -writing with Nyla, I've never experienced a crappy day of work. Alhamdullilah!

Yes I have to admit that it does get pretty exhausting and when I need to relax, I'd go over to my mom's and she'd always always always prepare my favourite comfort food like sambal sardin and spinach soup with hot steamed rice. Seeing those food served on the table the moment I enter her home already takes half of my fatigue away. Thanks mom!

Another option would be to wait for Mr E to come home and just talk talk talk and if I'm lucky, he'd massage my aching feet. Heee!

A makan/movie/chitchat session with any one of these girls will also do.
Sometimes even a phonecall is enough.

Nurul and Big Sister Anggun






The nieces.

And how can I forget my ultimate BFF?