Friday, September 3, 2010

Toga Terrific Round 3

I've received plenty of emails regarding the new batch of colours with regards to the toga maxi dresses ever since the "Charity Photoshoot" entry.

And I apologise for not replying to your queries because I've been very busy with my Bottoms Uppers and my upoming Composition Transformers Workshop with Jenn.

That plus it's the month of Ramadhan and I try to 'collect as many points' as possible by fulfilling Terawih prayers at night.

Nyla too is very tired sometimes she'd fall asleep in the middle of the prayers. Poor babe.
Thank you for acompanying Mommy and Daddy sweets!

Anyway, yes, back to these dresses.

There is an urgency for this entry because my fellow Muslimah sisters have expressed interest in wearing it during the first day of Raya.

So here goes.

From left to right:
Farha in pale pink.

Sabarina in mustard yellow.
Me in turqoise.

Pale pink and turqoise are unfortunately snapped up! :(

Other than mustard yellow, the other colours (No time to model at all!) are dark purple, aqua green, army green, purplish+pinkish mud brown and dark chocolate brown.

As usual ladies, I can be reached at

And look who owns a toga dress now?!
The babe has been bugging her Tok Mommy for one as well and she's got her wish granted.
Today is Party Day in school and she is wearing it later.
I really should minimise all the stares and giggles by taking a cab straight to her school instead of public transport.
TGIF peeps! Mwaacks!