Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Share and Care through Facebook :)

When I posted this video on Facebook sometime ago, many of my friends gasped beause they thought Mr E is the serious kind. (rolls eyes!)
Well, now you all know that he is also siao ding dong!

Gelek sama dia lah Dy!

Mr E, the dancer in the above video, will turn 40 in exactly a week's time. I've more or less already planned a birthday celebration but uh uh, not going to tell his dance partner a.k.a Nyla about it because he will find out 3 minutes after I tell her. Surely one. Heee!!!

Anyway, have you heard/seen that Mediacorp 5 is going to screen its first ever local reality television show, "The Big Shot" which is specifically designed for amateur and semi-professional photographers.

And guess who auditioned for it?
A great buddy I consider as a brudder, Jaliboy of RebelPixel!

During the audition, the photographers had to take a photo of a flower with their mobile phones within 10-15 minutes.

This is what Jali came up with.

He is definitely one of the people who has left an indelible impression on me with his ethusiasm and passion for photography.

Hence peeps, let's all combine our forces and power and help Jali be the one to sashay away with 20K and achieve his dreams.

First we all need to join http://www.facebook.com/thebigshotonline by clicking 'like'......

And then go to the photo album titled "The Test Shot… Which shot could be The Big Shot?" and click 'LIKE' on Photo Number SIXTY ONE (61)!

OK GO! I've done my part liaos. :)

Good luck Jali!