Monday, August 30, 2010

The World of Academia

That's my girl during one of the pretend plays when she played the teacher and I became her pupil who MUST 'talk like a kid'.

One thing's for sure, she'll make a great educator since her lesson delivery is very clear, easy to understand. Hehe!

Anyway, still at the topic of education....

It seems that, other than Nyla, someone else is following my footsteps. Heeeheee!

Mr E, the man who has always encouraged me to experiment with my own creativity, has also entered the world of academia.

Truly a nurturing, patient and self -initiating individual, plus the fact that he has rich content knowledge and experience in this particular field, the whole family is confident that he will make an exceptional lecturer at one of the polytechnics here.

What an exciting journey ahead for him indeed!

Oooh I can't wait already to see him bring home work and do the lesson plannings and all. *Sniggers*

My man, happy teaching and most of all, happy making a difference in the lives of your charges, honey!

Still at the topic of education *Part 2*

Today is the LAST day to register for this Saturday's Composition TRANSFORMERS Workshop. (4th Sept)

Due to the overwhelming interest in this workshop, Jenn and I are considering to 'split up' and conduct the same workshop, individually, at 2 different venues on the same day since Jenn will fly off on Sunday. We are still discussing.

Meanwhile this Composition TRANSFORMERS Workshop is suitable for the upper primary children:P4,P5 and P6. To those who have registered, please wait for our email. We have a task for your kiddos. *Winks!*

To those who are interested, the details are on the previous post, so just scroll down bebehs! :)

Have an awesome Monday ahead peeps!