Thursday, August 26, 2010

Composition "TRANSFORMERS" Workshop

Jenn and I are back again. :)

We both know it's the fasting month and all.
We both know that Hari Raya is coming and all.
We both know best that festivities aside, work means work for us adults and study means study for them children.

1 thing you must know is that PSLE English Paper 1 is on 6 October and Jenn and I have decided it is time we conduct our powers combined " Composition TRANSFORMERS (Think: Bumblebee/Optimus Prime/Decepticon) Workshop"

The past few weeks, we have been cracking our heads, drinking coffee from the tap analysing a mountain of exemplary compositions to see if we could identify a trend and have finally tied all those loose ends really tightly and our conclusion : SEVEN WONDERS OF A GREAT ESSAY. :)
Hence we will cover 7 reaaaallllyyy effective steps to 'build' an awesome composition.
It will be a super hands on workshop as we strongly believe in experential learning when it comes to writing.

We promise you that, just like the previous Oral Communication Workshop, this will be super duper fun as well.
Being former primary school teachers, Jenn and I made sure during our 'lesson planning' that the workshop be as very engaging and as very entertaining as possible for the kiddos and most importantly, very informative for you parents so that you can use these strategies with your children. :)

Before I proceed to share with you the details of the COMPOSITION TRANSFORMERS WORKSHOP, both Jenn and I would like to extend our sincerest apologies to those of you who have emailed us to conduct another Oral Workshop for your P4 and P5 kids. We will have another round of that but our priority now again is the P6ers because PSLE is really around the corner.

To the participants of the previous workshop, please do check your email. :)

We hear your burning questions:
Is there time to learn and absorb a brand new strategy one month prior to the PSLE examination?
Will my child be confused?
The answer is no.

What we’re doing here is to harness the unique writing style of your child, rearrange his existing ideas so that he will include all the 7 essential elements required in a good essay. Any essay. Think of it as a formula. We apologise for not being able to conduct this workshop earlier as some of you have requested, reason being we needed time to monitor the progress of a class of 41 students whom we have conducted the workshop for to ensure the method works. According to the teacher, there was a massive improvement in their writing skills right after the 2nd writing practice.

The workshop includes the following:

*7 Wonders of a Great Essay

*The Tickle Tease (Technique to create suspense)
*Replacing overly used verbs and adjectives
All materials/worksheets including 2 follow-up practice compositions (includes free online clinic session for the follow-up practice compositions)

WHAT: Composition "TRANSFORMERS" Workshop

WHEN: 4 September 2010 (Saturday)

WHAT(time): 10am -1.00pm


HOW (much): $75 per pair. (Pair: Parent plus child)

This time round, we can only conduct on one day because Jennifer will be out of Singapore the next day till mid September for a seminar and I will be busy helping my mother bake kuihs. :P

So, first come, first served basis ya peeps.

Email me at

See you soon!