Friday, July 9, 2010


So the latest powerhouse by HTC was launched last Wednesday on the 7th of July!

A pity we didn't get to attend the exclusive HTC launch party at Zirca because the 3 of us had a wedding invite and by the time we were done at the wedding, party at Zirca was over! Boohoo.

Anyway, let me now introduce to you HTC Wildfire, the latest Android phone which integrates the most popular social networks to help bring your friends closer to you.

I am really really really glad I joined the Celebrate ME contest and submitted 'The Dream Team' entry.
People, again, thank you for your votes despite the very last minute notice.
Kenneth Goh from The New Paper came to my place to feature the story of 'The Dream Team.'

Lustmonday, thank you for sponsoring the white bat winged top.

I was also selected to be one of the models to appear in the HTC Wildfire print ad.

I tell you, this particular modelling assignment was by far the riskiest.
I had to sit at the very edge of the 'cliff'.
Somemore no insurance leh...Heheheh!
Anyway, the people involved in the shoot were really kind and sweet.
There was always a person on standby beside me to make sure I didn't fall off or even if I did there would be someone to catch.
Happy to say, no injuries whatsoever. :)

Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures. Thanks Farena!

And here is the print ad! So vibrant!
Yeap, the 5 of us in this print ad are not only the winners of the celebration pack worth $1000, the kind HTC also gave us each a HTC Wildfire phone! Wooohoooo!
HTC Wildfire phone will be available from 10 July 2010 at all authorized resellers in 3 colours: Phantom Black, Flamenco Red and Pure White.

Which colour am I getting?
Of course the pure white one!
When I asked another fellow contest winner I just made friends with, Joshua, which colour he chose, he tweet-replied this,"I got the(RED) one!!! Super boomz! :)) haha. LOL!

As mentioned in The New Paper, with regards to the celebration pack, the 3 of us have decided that it is going to be a BOOK PARTY and Nyla, mommy and daddy will throw you another party, this time, to celebrate the success of The Big Good Wolf!
All the children, let us all unite! Hehehe!