Thursday, November 12, 2015

'Oumar Propnex'

Nyla used to follow me everywhere to work. Now that she's older and is busy with her crafts la, phone la, games la, books la, she'd rather plonk herself at home or grannies'. Dah nak masok upper primary katakan.
Her brother, Oumar has taken over. My koala this one. 

Sometimes I feel very unprofessional when I bring Oumar along to presentations and viewings. :(

But NONE of my clients ever said this to me, "Nura J, please leave your baby at home. Appreciate."

Every time I request to bring Oumar (and my helper, she's my P.A), I'll always get, "Sure!"
Never an objection.

So, thank you very much you alls for your understanding and never going,"Leceh betul Ah agent Nura J ni."

Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Here's a picture of Oumar relaxing on my client's couch.

There are going to probably be more pictures of him at different homes!

That said, if you have the intention to sell or buy, I'm always a call away, korangs.
See you soon.

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