Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pesta Perdana 13

I know this is late but I am in the middle of handing over my real estate matters to my trusted partners as I go for about 1-2 months of maternity leave. In shaa Allah.
You all who got to enjoy 4 months diam k! Hmmmmppphhhhhh!
Also liasing everyday with my pearl girls at Pearlista who has been doing such an awesome job holding the fort.... Thank you all.
And dealing with Braxton Hicks and swollen fingers and toes....

But this entry must be up because it means alot to my daughter.

Thank you everybody for flooding our social media platforms with all the congratulatory messages.
Nyla is very fortunate to have such lovely aunties and uncles who shared her joy that night. Alhamdullilah.

The win was of course very much hoped for but an unexpected one, most definitely.
I had a mommy whisper to me, "No offence ya! But I thought one of the boys would grab this." 

She was right.
I get her.
I shared the same sentiments too. Totally.

Even Papa J it seems.
Before Pesta Perdana 13 went live, he was preparing Nyla... the kind like "if you don't win, you're still my number one kinda of thing.'
Don't mind the last sentence. Biased sikit. Kata Atok dia la kan. And don't ask me about the trophy picture he attached. Entah whose one pon.

Nyla was behaving like a star struck fan that night.
My phone, in her hands and she took as many selfies as she could with whoever she could.

Must thank Haryani for urging me to let Nyla audition for the "Ingat Tak Mak' role.

A beautiful night most definitely.
Very memorable for not only Nyla but for me and E as well.
Bohong la if I say we were not over the moon.

Thanks Bro Faiz for this picture.

Entah apa la dia cakap.
But anything from the heart is always safe la ah.
I felt that her speech though short was very heartfelt.

Glad that she thanked DV Studio because they were really very accomodating to her school schedule. Thanks guys for the opportunity.

Wanna thank Sis Shahida Sarhid from Berita Harian for the feature too!

And also to Mediacorp Suria for a great night and this lovely photo!

The gloves taklehhhhhh angs.

Nyla's school also got to know about it and Mdm Fadilah whatsapped me and kindly asked if it's ok to announce this win to the school during the morning assembly.
Me: You want babe?
Nyla: Ya can also!

Ok done.
So here she is with her principal Mrs May Wong-Tan taken just this morning.
Lovely to have her school recognise and embrace their pupil's talent!

Oh how can I not thank Tina (make up) and Sufyaa (outfit)
Thank you beautiful ladies for making my girl feel like a star that night!
Past midnight also didn't wanna remove the make up and change into her pyjamas!

You alls.....thank you for the love. Very touching mouching ah.

Once again, congratulations Nyla.
We love you very much darling.

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