Friday, January 24, 2014

Let it go....

Blessed Jumaat you alls.
January 2014 is coming to an end it seems.
So...I've been very used to Nyla being in the afternoon session ever since she first started in pre school so the 3 of us at home have a lot of adapting to do.
We all wake up at 6 a.m and the day will begin for all of us. No such thing as jumping back to bed after Fajr prayers.
Heading to shower at 6am is a big thing for Nyla.
I have to make sure I turn on the water and prepare the correct warm temperature for her before she enters the toilet.
If she doesn't hear the water, she will be like,"The water is not ready...I haven't hear yet the water. U on first..." And she will continue to toss and turn.
Once she's in the bathroom, bapak dia punya turn pulak.
"Miiiiii, switch off the room lights. I want to sleep a bit more."
Ya Allah, menyampahnya.

But I must say I am doing well, Alhamdullilah.
Thanks to my mom. Always exaggerate.
This one I don't need to do it with Nyla.
I do it to E and it always works...and he will always get angry everytime.


And my poor husband will instantly be jolted from his sleep only to discover it is only 6.20-6.30 a.m.


Some days I will follow E send Nyla and we will have breakfast together.
On days he wants to go to the gym in his school, I will just say, "I'm busy la today. Need to stay home and settle work."
More like pull down the blinds in my room and snuggle back on bed for extra 1-2 hours. Best gila babz babe.

Work wise am also still working out a proper schedule.
When Nyla was in the afternoon session, my mornings will be Nyla-focused and when she's off to school, I settle work.
Now that she's in the morning session, there has really been many scratching head moments.
Very rare that there are viewings in the mornings. Usually its afternoons/evenings and recently, she has been tagging along.

My mom then will start nagging..."Kesian budak tu. Balik sekolah penat kena ikut you somemore." (My mom rarely uses 'aku' 'kau'...shes a 'you you' ...'I I' kinda person.)
Sometimes my mom will come and babysit Nyla. Must tell you this story.

Nyla is very into Frozen. Am sure you all by now know this thanks to my status updates. My mom even made an Elsa costume for her. Main Main je.

She will play the videos "Let it go" and "Do you want to build a snowman?" over and over again until your telinga can berbulu one.
Am confident you all with daughters sure same case.So layankan aje la ye.

School wise for Nyla.
Hmmm. There will be 2 days she will be returning home late. CCA and Supplementary classes.
So on these 2 days, when she comes home, I just make sure she settles her homework.
No revision.She can sing her heart out to those Frozen songs and become Elsa...Ana...Olaf and Sven sampai bedtime.

I've just received some Scrabble competition form yesterday and if she joins this, an extra day of coming home late.

Me: Nyla, you want to join this?
Nyla: I can if you want....Anything la.
Me: But, another day of coming back late you know.
Nyla: Huuuuhhhhhhhh... Anything la Mommy. If good for me, then you just sign la.

This girl eh...She's getting very good with this reverse psychology thingy.

I mean she's a good kid but sometimes she can be mischievous.

Me: Follow your heart Nyla. You want?
Nyla: Only the act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.....(quote: Olaf the snowman) Giggles.
Me: STOP IT and tell mommy quick.
Nyla: Ok no. I just want to go home early. I can play scrabble with you at home what.

And decision made. So nope.
I will be taking it slow with her this first term.
Nyla told me some of her classmates are in student care and they have been practicing like many questions.
Our conversation went like this.

Nyla: Primary 3 right Mommy...they practise like 1000 questions... Primary 4 one thousand and 50 questions...and then Primary 6....pause....ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND QUESTIONS.
(Yup, my daughter needs intervention now that she is learning thousands place already. Should be 1000, 1050....1100..)

Me: One thousand and one hundred you mean?

Nyla: Same what that number with one hundred thousand.

Ok 10 questions a day no longer sufficient. We need to step up! No la I'm kidding. I really pity all the kids here. Not funny to be waking up so early to go to school la....stay back somemore... then go home study somemore. OMG. Stop this sh*& already can. Naik menyampah with the system. Already us adults are having difficulty having some work-life-family balance and children must face the same thing?

I mean I've mentioned this before. If our kids succeed academically in school, that is a bonus. The important thing here is, he/she enjoys their learning journey. Life is really about being happy. :)

I wish I can do more stories but I really now have got to settle my property work.
Like Nyla, I am also taking it a bit slower with work. Been working too hard the past year my health was neglected. Yes I have definitely reaped my rewards emerging as Top Rookie 2013 in my Prudent Division..Alhamdullilah.

Unfortunately at the expense of my health though.
Very irregular meal times....Lack of sleep...Stress.....Not worth it. Am sure I'm not the only one.
To those of you who are working hard, if you love yourself and family, chill. :)
Last time my motto is Work hard Play Hard Pray Hard... If we work so hard, where is the energy for us to play and pray?
Ler...step jadi Yasmin Mogahed pulak aku ni. Lol!

So now my motto is Work Smart..Play Hard....Pray Hardest.
I need to be smart about planning my schedule. Space out and not cramp 4-5 appointments in a day.
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That said, enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.
Let it goooooo.......Let it gooooooo! Lol.

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