Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Momsy!

My mom is my toughest critic when it comes to my entrepreneurial ideas.
Yes, she can be such a worry wart.
But after much convincing and when those ideas turn into success, she'll instantly become my biggest supporter.

Mom and I, our relationship is very intense.
Well, I'm sure you ladies will understand the complex bond mothers and daughters share.

During my teenage years, we argued alot.

I was clad in a tight tee and jeans.
'Decorated' my head with Ferragamo hairband.
Smelt like a million bucks thanks to the Roccobarocco perfume
Completed the whole ah lian look with a Sonia Rykiel bag.
Maklomlah first time nak masok Fire disco. (kentalan abis)

Mom: Where are you going? Are you going out with XXX?
Me: Erm followed by awkward silence
Mom: Bilang Mak je. I won't tell Dad.
Me: Yup! (I fell for it la!)
Mom: Where are you going?
Me: Orchard. Jalan jalan.
Mom: You're lying. (How come mothers instantly know whether we are lying or speaking the truth ah? Frustrating!)
Me: Really.
Mom: Until you tell me where you are really going, I won't let you out of the house.
Me: Promise you won't tell Dad?
Mom: Yes. (YA RITE, MOM!)
Me: I'm going for my first tea-dance at Fire Disco.
Mom: WHAT?! What if your drink gets spiked? What if they are drunkards? Kin, you're too young!
Me: Mom, come on! I'm 14 for goodness sake.

And yeap, I cried my eyes out begging her (and my dad) to let me go.
She locked the gate and hid the keys.

As expected, that teenage relationship never worked out.

Mom, didn't thank you then but thank you for intervening.
Now that I am a mother, I understand your worry. Like, totally.
Sorry mom, for the crazy teenage years.

After I got married, we also had clashes.

Mom: Bila nak beli rumah sendiri ni? (When are you getting your own house?)
Me: Aiya, I want to save money for holiday leh. And besides I like the arrangement of shuttling between your house and in laws.
Mom: You must learn to be independent, Kin.
Mom, didn't thank you then but thank you because you're right. Best seh ada rumah sendiri.

After I gave birth to Nyla, we also fought.

Me: Mom, you look after Nyla on weekdays can? I fetch her on Friday night okay? I'll send her back to your place on Sunday night.
Mom: You mean you will not see Nyla at all from Monday to Friday?
Me: Yup. So busy at school. Got marking and lesson planning all.
Mom: So what time do you usually finish work?
Me: Latest 5 plus.
Mom: Fetch Nyla in the evening then. No, I do not agree. Nyla must at least sleep with you every night. She needs her parents.
Me: Huh! Why? Leceh leh, have to travel to and fro to send Nyla in the morning and fetch her in the evening.
Mom: Well, these are the sacrifices you have to make. Nyla is your responsibility. Remember that.

Mom, didn't thank you then but now, thank you because you make me a better parent.

My parents (and in laws) had been awesome while I was in the civil service back then. They still are. Only that now they are especially eager when I call them to say Nyla is dropping by! They want Nyla. It’s just the child care schedule they are not in favour of and I understand now! They have their own lives and commitments. So, thanks Mom for being firm.

If only I knew then what I know now, I would have told you everyday how much I loved you, Mom.
Well, I do now. Everytime before I put down the phone, I'd say, "Love you Mom" and she'd reply, "Me too."
Thank you God for giving me a chance to be a better daughter to my amazing Mom.
Mom, please forgive me for being rude last time.
Thank you for still loving me through the hurt and pain.
I love you, Mom. All the time.
Happy Birthday.


Bah would like to show you this video, Mom!

And then here's a message from your youngest son, Mom.

Happy Birthday Mom and I love you very much. Please don't ever throw away my bantal busuk (smelly pillow) as it is comfortable due to your decades of love...and my saliva. - Love, Nizam

Not forgetting a birthday wish from Papa J, your husband:

Love you Kiah. Every year with you is sweeter than the last. Looking forward to our golden years ahead. The best is yet to be. Happy Birthday my dear wife - S.W.A.L.K

I called Papa J.

Me: Morning, Pa, What's SWALK man?
Papa J: Your mom will know. It's a code word.
Me: I wanna know.
Papa J: I'm in a meeting Kin.
Papa J: Sealed with a loving kiss la!

And he hung up on me. Thanks ah Papa J!

S.W.A.L.K ke paahhhhhh? Saaaaapppp!
Steady bom pi pi la, Dad!

Mom, hope this entry made you smile.
Happy Birthday!

Oh, please also proceed to http://n-y-l-a.blogspot.com/
The babe has something for you.


  1. There's this movie back in the 1970s called: Melody (S.W.A.L.K). Maybe ur parents watched that. heh.

    Beautiful entry!

  2. Nice entry, Nura..n after reading your entry, tears rolled as I missed my late mum very much n wish tt I would have the chance to say to her "Love u" everyday..cos I lost her drg my teenage yrs n drg those days, tt loving words dont pop easily from my mouth.

    But still, those good memories I had with her are triggered n I totally appreciate her for what she had done for me esp am a mum now.May Allah bless her soul always.Amin:)

    Have a great day,babe!

  3. Bayya, I'll ask them!
    NIMJ, Yeah, he gets cuter as he gets older. :) Hehehe!
    Ita, I'm sorry to hear about your late mom. May Allah bless her soul. Al-Fateha. She's in a better place sis, insyallah. Hugs.