Wednesday, February 23, 2011

QUIZ on The Excluzif Togas!

My Paps in law just fetched Nyla and here I am at home enjoying my short me time before tuition commences at 4pm. (All the way till 9.30pm!)

Below are pictures of The Excluzif Togas. (Some old..Some new)
If you noticed, the new ones are the ones taken at home and me with bangs (yah, still loving them. Just went to Abang Sam's for a trim. Guess I'll be having fringe till I'm like... 49.)

Sorry I haven't been blogging about the togas ladies.
I hope you all do accept my apology because it's high time my mom, Nyla and I (The Excluzif Toga Team reward you toga enthusiasts with some TLC.... = DISCOUNT.

BUT for you to enjoy the $5 discount off The Excluzif Toga Maxis/Minis/Onesies, there are....


3 Questions you need to answer FIRST!


1) Which type of toga is the LATEST one released in The Excluzif Toga range?

a) Mini


c) Onesie


2) Nyla is wearing a ______ _____ "Togas R Us" maxi in the picture below.


3) Nura's mommy is very happy whenever she poses in _____________________________.
(Any acceptable answer. You all sure know la ah.)

Hand in your answers to


The Excluzif Toga Onesie will cost you $75 (Usual Price:$80)
The Excluzif Toga Maxi will cost you $70 (Usual Price: $75)
The Excluzif Toga Mini will cost you $45 (Usual Price: $50)

Nah I give you my online browsing catalogue. Hee!

New colour: Greenish Blue!

Nutella Brown

"Smoke" Greyish Brown

"Midnight" Navy Blue

"Peachy" Orange

This colour I cannot tell cos it's the answer to Question 2.

"Dolphin" Grey

Ok simply choose a colour AND tell whether you want it in Maxi/ Mini or Onesie babesies.
And don't forget the 3 answers to enjoy the discount when you email me at!

And how can I forget my dearest Tina and Jali!
If you want to view Jali's portfolio, do add him up over at facebook!
Thank you, you two from the bottom of my heart.
Korangs are such awesome friends. Hugs!

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