Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 60th Papa J!

My Paps turns 60 today!
This one's for you Papsy.
Your ONLY daughter

and your ONLY granddaughter

have discussed and mutually decided to dedicate an entry just for you on our respective blogs!

Your daughter would post '10 reasons I love you'....and your grandddaughter would post '6 reasons I love you' because....

10 X 6 = 60 mah!


1) You're such a sensitive person! The day I got married, I was calm. I did not want to be one of those brides who'd cry during their weddings....And then, I overheard my aunties whispering to one another," Jasni nangis..." WHAT THE?! I totally did not expect my man of steel to cry. Thanks ah dad! Seeing you sob was sooooo OUCHY I ended up a crying mess.

So sad hor his face.... :(
I'm still your girl, Pa!

Mr E, all the best of luck on the day Nyla gets married.

2)You always go 'WOW' at my ideas. Even though some are really dumb, I must admit. Yeah, I've come up with silly ideas. I ever wanted to do a cheesecake business (obviously after a first successful attempt! ONLY attempt somemore! Confident abis.) And you were so ON and encouraged me to go for it. And then my practical mom and elder brother Bah stepped in. (to burst my bubble) All they did was to ask me this one question, 'What else can you bake, Kin?' Errrrrmmmmmmm. So Dad, thank you for never saying, "I told you so!"

3) You taught me how to swim. I was 5! He gave me a crash course on treading water. After I had mastered that, he carried me out of the pool, held my hand, walked over to the deeper end and then he said this, "Kin, I am going to push you. Do what I taught you ok. Do not sink." And with that he pushed me........ Yeap, I was thrashing my arms and legs like crazy my brothers laughed themselves silly.

4) You're always proud of me. (This picture was taken during the 2002 New Paper Face Competition. I didn't win anything but just look at that beaming face...Maciam I emerged as champion like that.)

5) You have this work hard play hard mentality that I really admire. Thanks Dad for helping me to realise that life shouldn't be taken too seriously.

6) You taught me how to stand on my very own two feet. (My dad runs a marine business and I've always begged him to employ me as his secretary. HAHA. Easy way out mah. He always ignored me when I brought this up. How not to? I told him that I would only start work at 2pm (after I send Nyla to school) and have to end by 5pm (cos I have to fetch Nyla pe) HAHAHAHA! BANYAK CANTIK MUKA KAU?

7) You belanja me most of the time. Everytime I reach out for my wallet to pay for dinner....or groceries....he'd whip out his wallet, pass me his money and say, "I just got my pay. Nah!" Very good ah your company...Sometimes pay you beginning of the month, sometimes in the middle of the month and other times, end of month.

8) You have skinny legs which thankfully, I have inherited. No matter how much weight I put on, my legs always maintain belen... However....God, please let me avoid the inheritance of his pot belly on a rather slim bod.
9) You are strong. Thank you for surviving the heart attack in 2005, Pa.

10) You are so funny one! He loves to share humorous stories. (Many times on repeat mode) Lame I know. But you know what is even more lame? Us laughing everytime we hear those recycled stories.


You are the only man who'd never hurt me and will do absolutely everything and anything in your power to avoid such happening to me simply because we are blood Paps!

Sometimes I don't call you when I'm busy...

Sometimes I ignore you when I merajuk...

Sometimes I get cross with you when you (and mom) cannot babysit Nyla when I wanna hurrayhurray....




You are 60...Very the datokdatok age lor.
So go easy and look after your health okie.
Now please proceed to cos the lil babe wanna surprise you as well! :)

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