Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Q N A via Twitter

So, yesterday, I was feeling rather bored while waiting for Nyla to finish school...
And I tweeted "Feel like doing a QnA session on the blog. Any questions u 1 me to answer?

Within an hour, questions poured in.
Thanks for being sporting my twitterbellas!

Here are the shortlisted questions. :)

1.Kalau I nak kahwin, I jemput u, u turun tak? Hehehe *random je* =P (Nurizuyashi Sakiko)
*Would you come to my wedding if I were to invite you?*

I would come if you promise me you won't sabo me by making me sing. Eeeeeeeyyyyyyyer.

2.Biler nak nbr 2?? Takkan stop at one jer (Syarifah)
*When are you going to have your number 2?*

I knew this question would come. In fact, I'm glad that Hari Raya is over, no thanks to this question on repeat mode. Now, how do I answer this? Well, insyallah, we'll get to be a family of four but not now. ...I'm thinking, give us a year or 2?

3.Kak Nura!! I got qn!! Why did you take up that soldadu role?? HAHA! And why are you quiet in the acting scene nowadays? (Nurul Ain)

Wah... HAHA-ing at me huhhh. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA indeed lor. Seriously, I had no idea how I managed to be selected during the auditions back in 1999 because with that kind of 'acting skills', if I were to join Anugerah Skrin, I would surely garner the most votes and be the FIRST to get booted out by viewers. That role was given to me and I just took it because the idea of being on television at age 17 maciam best lor. Well, truth be told, I prefer hosting to acting. I am also very selective in the roles that are offered because I have a reputation to uphold as an educator.

4.Any beauty tips to share? / What's your beauty regime like kak? Can share? :p (Nurhairul/Jay)

Like most women, I still have breakouts. I try to wash face twice a day..that kind. Drink plenty of water. Eat lots of vegetables. I also don't usually wear make up. Let my face 'breathe' and be daring to step out of the house looking like a ghost. (I look extremely pale with no make up.) So on normal days, I just apply moisturizer and baby powder. I only paint my face on special occasions. Ok la let me be honest. I am horrible at putting eyeliner on! That plus I always have a hard time putting fake lashes on. Frustrating!

5.How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant? (Tini Kassim :P)

Happpyyyyyy cannnn? Being a mother was my childhood ambition leh. And when I finally gave birth, that was when reality set in. Funny how I couldn't wait to bring Nyla home while we were at the hospital and the moment I reached home.....I wished I could stay at the hospital and let the nurses look after her. Nyla was a difficult baby whose hobby was crying. Not cute at all.
But can't say the same now. This hilarious babe brings so much joy to our lives. Like yesterday when I was watching Kimora on E, Nyla saw that her kids go for chocolate facial treatment. She headed to the refrigerator, took out Nutella and said, "Can help me put on my face?" Oh and also how can I forget this... I told her to study hard and go to university when she grows up. She kept quiet for quite sometime and said in a serious tone,"Mommy if I can't go to university, Universal Studios can?"

6.If you could share one novel with Nyla, which would it be? (Nadia H)

Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel - The Alchemist (Thanks Hanin)
I will definitely share with Nyla the story of the shepherd boy, Santiago, pursuing his life dreams and share with her the importance of listening to our hearts.

7.How do you and Mr E take a break from the busyness of life? (Lovesand)

We 'park' Nyla at my mom's and just talk cock sing song with each other over coffee or simply catch a movie (usually my choice. Heee.) We also go to JB and eat and eat and eat at Pandan City. Have you peeps tried their juicy satays? Oh and their porridge? Awesome. Mr E, wanna go tonight?

8.Where does your passion for teaching stem from?/What/Who makes/inspires you to become an educator? (Ida Ngatman/NurFadilah)

I come from a family of teachers...My aunties, uncles, cousins, my sister in law and most recently to join the teaching profession is my own husband. However the one who inspires me to be a teacher would be my mom because she was the one who always encouraged me to be a teacher since young. It's not about grooming these kids to be future lawyers and doctors but the idea of believing that every child has undiscovered strengths. I miss classroom teaching alot. But, I am so glad to be running The Bottoms Up Club because finally, I feel that I am giving my 100 percent to the kids without all the unnecessary overwhelming administrative duties.

9.How different would your life be if you have a pair of boy twins instead of Nyla? (Siti Zulaifa)

Waaaahhhhh! Anyway, I would like to rephrase this question to "How would your life be if you have a pair of boy twins?"
Life would be soooooooo 'fun'... especially the 0-3 months period. *Shudders*
Seriously, I think it'd be awesome. I will absolutely love the high energy that comes along in raising boys. No need your services already, Alauddin. :P

10.Do you think I'm cute (Nisha Ism)

Yes. Very. -___-

11.How did you get to know Mr E in the first place? Adakah dia cinta pandang pertama anda? (Nadira Mohamad)
* Love at first sight?*

Soldadu lor. Mr E's uncle's company was commissioned to produce Soldadu. Mr E was on leave and helped his uncle with the scheduling and all. Nope, it wasn't love at first sight. Instead, it was love at first 'hearing'. Mr E's voice fuuhhhyooo. Super deep and sexy yo. Talking voice I mean....Unfortunately I can't say the same for singing voice. Hahahah! But yeah, I've been so accustomed to teenage boys' voices so Mr E definitely stood out back then.

12. What is the most romantic thing Mr E has ever done for you? (Alynn)

Mr E always does romantic stuff on my birthday without fail. *Can't wait for next week!*

If previously, romantic gestures would mean buying me something from Tiffany n Co or a GUCCI bag, now that we have entered our 6th year of marriage, my heart would swell when I see him hanging the laundry....bringing Nyla out when I teach at home...ironing his own working clothes when he sees me busy in front of the desktop doing lesson planning, workshop/toga stuff and writing.

12.If Nyla and Mr E fell into the sea(CHOYYYY AH!), which one would you save and why? (Nor Bayah)

Mothers, you know my answer right? Mr E, I will always doa for you k. lol. This question so depressing one.

13. How do you keep yourself so positive especially during tough times? (Fara Adam)

I pray and believe that if Allah brings me to it, HE will guide me through it. :)

14. I've never come across celebs who follow their fans back. Y do you follow your fans? (Saliha)

Wah sista! Fan is a big word leh. Anyway have plenty of twittersistas and twitterbros at Twitter-land. Well, the thing is I feel really bad for not accepting requests on Facebook. So Twitter, is my way of saying sorry. That plus, I also wanna kepo kepo about you. I still have about 300 plus to follow back. Can't slack. :)

15. How do you see yourself 20-30 years down the road? (Faeza Aide)

Well, life is a journey of unmarked paths and unknown destinations. However 20-30 years down the road, I just want to feel contented beause I have lived the way I wanted.