Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bring your luggage!

So, Jenn is finally back from her trip and raring to go while me....erm...let's just say that my application to take leave this weekend is still not approved by that char bo!
Babe ah, I still have a few houses to cover leh.
Give chance can? Aiya, this woman damn sweet. Bet she'll flash the green light. :)

This also means that I must work my %^$# off today and tomorrow and have minimal sleep while drinking many many mugs of coffee till my pee also smells like coffee. (I know this is disgusting but I am really not kidding. Jenn ah, your pee stinks also or not ah?)

Anyway, I haven't been very efficient in replying to the emails regarding this workshop because I've been busy eating all those kuihs and drinking all those gassy drinks at my relatives' houses. To you ladies and gentlemen whose emails have not been replied by me, not to worry please. I promise you will hear from me in a few hours' time.
As was requested by our parent-child duos during the previous workshops, Jenn and I are organizing the last workshop for the PSLE 2010 –
Unpacking the EL Paper II Luggage (Heavy focus on Comprehension and Cloze Passage)
As the title suggests, we are unpacking the techniques and skills necessary to wrestle the questions in English Paper II, specifically to chisel off the mental blocks to the ultimate villains of the English Language Paper II - Comprehension and Cloze passage.
As with the oral and writing workshops, we will share specific strategies to attack the examination questions, especially the 4 types of questions asked in the comprehension component
(i) Yooohooo Im here!
(ii) You think it's not there BUT it is!
(iii)All by myself
(iv) Author & Me.

We hear you parents! Comprehension and Cloze Passage doesn’t sound exactly like the most exciting lesson to your child. That’s why we have lined up activities and games to keep them (and you) hooked!

While discussing the programme for this upcoming workshop, we have decided to dedicate a portion of the workshop to highlighting the common but oh-so-preventable mistakes made in the other crucial sections of the EL Paper II so that your child will be especially aware of them and avoid these costly mistakes in the examination.
We promise we will leave no stones unturned in searching out the villains!

We would like to invite you to our final 2010 PSLE workshop.
If you know of any other P5 or P6 students, please help us extend our invitation to them as well!

As Paulo Coelho once wrote, “When you want something badly enough, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it”.
We’re not sure if there is a Jedi out there to create the universal force, but we will conspire with you to help your child cross the PSLE hurdle. May the Makcik and Nyonya force be with you. :P

Details of workshop:

What: Unpacking The EL Paper II Luggage (Heavy focus on Comprehension
and Cloze Passage)

When: 25 September 2010

Time and Place: To Be Confirmed

Cost: Usual Price:$85

If you are keen, please do not hesitate to email at so that we can secure/reserve your slots. :)
We believe in being transparent and as of now, 11 pairs are bringing their luggages to our workshop.
Just 4 more pairs and we hit the runway....Wooooottts!

Looking forward to hearing from you ladies and gentlemen and most importantly, our kiddos! :)

Lots of Love
Makcik Nura and Nyonya Jenn