Tuesday, April 7, 2009


By 9 pm, Nyla and I will be in the room getting ready for bed.

If Esman comes home late, I'll sms him this: Honey, Nyla is dozing off (which is not true!) Do not open the door and enter the room. Wait for me to come out.
(However, I never came out. Usually I would doze off too! Haha! And poor Esman will be sitting on the couch waiting for me to come out of the room. Sorry ah!)

There have been a few instances when Nyla was really already dozing off when Esman would enter the room and disrupt her journey to slumberland. The thing is, whenever that happened, she would be instantly recharged, and it will take a pretty long time for her to get back to sleep.

I managed to capture a video of that one particular time when Esman destroyed my plans to make her sleep before 9.30pm.

Merrily singing when just a few minutes before this video was taken, she was 'stoning'.
Saw the plaster just below the lip? Nope, it is not an injury. My girl now has a habit of licking her lips till her lip area gets very red and dry. So far the plaster is working....Sigh...Macam macam!